Sunday 7 August 2011

Journal Entry 3: 12th of July

As I had decided to make a film, I started to focus a bit more on the editing programs ( as this is what I was scared of the most).

Step by step I started to look more and more into film.
In my previous research I started looking into films that deal with the demolition and destruction of buildings, or actually entire cities. Two examples I watched were "2012" and "The day after tomorrow".
Now what I tried to do is to explore that topic a little more...
Due to what I have watched and looked at for me the main reasons for demolitions in films are either natural disasters or attacks from aliens.
A few questions that I was working on for my research:
What films are relevant?
What is the story?
How is the demolition shown?
What happens?
How do buildings demolish?
What colours are used?
What sound is used?
What makes it exciting to watch?

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