Sunday 7 August 2011

Journal Entry 2: 5th of July

I kept thinking why I had chosen that very topic at and for that particular site and what excited me about it. In between I already wanted to give up, felt like it all did not make sense. I kept thinking about the same things, going back to the same ideas… Then during my first week at home I got very sick and had to take strong antibiotics. Maybe that helped to change my perspective as well… J

I had a very high fever and in combination with the medicine felt a bit like out of space. Because I could not stand being inside anymore I just left the house, for some weird reason took my camera with me, don´t ask me why…I looked really bad, really weak and nodded a lot of weird looks people gave me…haha Vienna is very uptight…anyways I was only looking on the ground coz I could not be bothered lifting my head, way to exhausting…and then…there it was…one again: DECAY. Building after building, the concrete, cracking, breaking at the edges. And it hit me why I had chosen that topic, because it is everywhere and it has a certain beauty, something interesting that can be shown. I kept walking, not far from where I live are the so called Sophiensääle, a place where once proms were taking place….now a ruin, so beautiful though it is destroyed ( due to a fire). Viennese people looked at me strangely, homeless looking girl with her camera, obsessed with a ruin….why are people always scared of what they do not know?

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